Summary in English

SK7RFL is a 2m & 70cm repeater, located on the Island of Öland. We operate from the Island's highest radio tower, with its base 50 mAsl. The four antenna systems are between 92 and 134 mAgl.

The FM repeater is affiliated with the "Swedish SvxLink Reflector Network".
  -  Talk-groups monitored: 240 2407 24073 24078 240721.
  -  Talk-groups are activated by sending (DTMF) 91, followed by the tg number.
  -  You may use the command 9 to temporarily disconnect from the network.

  -  More information: SvxPortal.

During the summer of 2020, we are also connected to the SK7RN Repeater Network on the Island of Öland.
  -  SK7RN Böda        R6  145,750   FM narrow
  -  SK7RN Borgholm    R2x 145,6625  FM narrow
  -  SK7RN Mörbylånga  R1  145,625   FM narrow
  -  The link will be activated after your first transmission on the repeater.

All repeaters on the Island of Öland may be operated without the use of any CTCSS or DTMF. 
  -  Several commands are available, e.g. for selection of talk-groups.
  -  You may terminate your commands with #, but it's not mandatory on this repeater.

SK7RFL is also equipped with an EchoLink connection. 
  -  Incoming connections are available to SK7RFL-R (353167).
  -  Connections are rejected, if the repeater is already in use.

  -  Outgoing connections are made by just sending the EchoLink node number by DTMF.
  -  Macros are available. The list is here. Macros are preceeded with DTMF "D".

SK7RFL is now equipped with a DMR <--> SvxLink bridge. 
  -  From DMR (Brandmeister), transmit on talkgroup 240721.
  -  From SK7RFL DMR-repeater, transmit on talkgroup 6 (TS1).
  -  From SK7RFL FM-repeaters, use command 6 to activate the bridge.

To access our repeaters from elsewhere: 
  -  Use EchoLInk SK7RFL-R.
  -  SvxLink talkgroup: 24078.
  -  DMR (BM) talkgroup: 240717  -> tg 9 locally on SK7RFL DMR-repeater.
  -  DMR (BM) talkgroup: 240721  -> Analog repeaters SK7RFL and SK7RN.

2m FM
145,600 (R0), shift -600 kHz, FM Narrow
Opened with: 1750 Hz, DTMF 0 or CTCSS 79,7 Hz.
Linked with 70cm below.
Logic: SvxLink

70cm FM
434,600 (RU0), shift -2 MHz, FM Narrow
Opened with: 1750 Hz, DTMF 0 or CTCSS 79,7 Hz.
Linked with 2m above.
Logic: SvxLink

70cm digital modes
434,550, shift -2 MHz
Logic: Pi-Star

  -  Brandmeister 240717 240721 (2400513)
  -  CC:7

  -  Talk-groups monitored: 924 927 240 2407 24073 240240 2416 240216 2410 240717 240721.
  -  Use TS1 for local traffic (talk-group 9).
  -  Tg 240717 on BM is translated into tg 9 locally.
  -  Use TS2 for domestic traffic.
  -  Use TS1 for any user-activated international traffic.

  -  RPT1: SK7RFLB
  -  RPT2: SK7RFLG
  -  Default reflector: DCS010B (user activation only)

  -  No default reflector  (user activation only)

See also: 
  -  SK7RFL coverage maps
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